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Partition Walls

Fits in every space! From 150 cm up to 200 cm in height
Fits in every interior! 27 different finishes

When putting a partition wall in your office, room or hall, it is mostly because of one or both of the following reasons: 1) to divide space and 2) for decorative purposes. For this, you need some options to choose from! We offer three differents heights and 27 (!) different finishing options.

Partition walls can be used as a single wall and in combinations of multiple walls. For instances where your partition wall(s) need to be mobile, they can be effortlessly equipped with sets of fortified wheels.
Division wall sizes

Division wall impression
A reinforced wheel and a setup of multiple walls.

1 Choose your size
We offer three different sizes: 120x150 cm, 120x180 cm and 120x200 cm. When choosing a size, try to take into account what the partition wall will be used for. For creating private spaces, higher partition walls might be the best option. For simple decorative use, a smaller wall might suit you better.

2 Choose your setup
There are endless ways to use partition walls! They can be used as a decor, to divide spaces, to create an artificial corridor or just as a notice board. For that, you can use as many partition walls as you want. To give you an idea, some possible configurations are shown below.

The only thing you need to know, is how you would like your partition walls placed, such as schematically shown above. We'll make sure you receive the right parts and manual.
Division walls setup
Multiple options for using partition walls. 1) a triangular structure, 2) a flexible wall throughout a larger space, 3) a corner setup and 4) a single notice board setup.

3 Choose your finish
Since you've got two sides and the style of frame to choose from, the options are endless! Always a configuration that suits your needs. Make your choice from the overview below.
Frame finish
You can choose between aluminum frames finished with normal aluminum look, or an anthracite finish. Both with corresponding corner pieces and feet.

Movable stands
If desired, it is possible to install your partition wall on mobile feet with durable reinforced wheels. This will allow you to move your partition wall around effortlessly.

High quality felt, as used in our pin board Pro Colour Series.
Division walls in felt

Enamel steel
A magnetic enamel steel dry wipe surface. The highest quality of whiteboards, but then as a division wall!
Whiteboard division wall

There are many options to choose from. In the end however, sketching out your own partition wall(s) is easy! Would you like some assistance? Our expert customer service will guide you through the process.

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