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Block magnet for whiteboards (12 pcs)

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Block magnet (12 pieces) with very strong magnetic power. For installation of whiteboards and bulletin boards on metal walls, without drilling in the wall.

The block magnet has a strong hold on all metal surfaces, and is also equipped with 4 screw holes. The screws are used to attach the magnet the whiteboard.

How to install block magnets:

  • Place the block magnet on the back of your whiteboard or bulletin board, preferably at the corner positions.
  • Screw the block magnet onto the back of your whiteboard message board for added safety
  • Cover the block magnets with included plastic pads
  • Place your whiteboard or bulletin board on the metal wall without drilling

Per square meter (approximately 10 kg), we recommend using 4 magnet blocks for a good result. Place the magnets evenly over the back surface of the board for a solid result.

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