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Magnetic Paper A4 (set 5pcs)

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Magnetic paper in A4 size (5 sheet) for use on whiteboards. The magnetic paper can be printed on with a inkjet printer for photo quality.

You can write on magnetic paper by hand or print on it with all standard inkjet printers. Printing can be done both in black and white or full colour with photo quality. This makes this product very useful when used in combination with whiteboards. You can print the paper with photos, pictures, symbols or texts for flexibility on your whiteboard or planning board. The paper can also be cut for the tailoring of the printing.

  • Compatible with magnetic whiteboards and magnetic boards
  • Printable in black and white or in full colour with regular inkjet printer
  • Ideal for adding artwork and illustrations on your whiteboard
  • Easy to cut with scissors

Note: The magnetic paper is compatible with our Classic & Pro Series whiteboards. The magnetic paper is not compatible with our magnetic glass whiteboards.

Please note: Magnetic paper is only suitable for inkjet printers.

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