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Whiteboard Glass Solid Steel Spacer For Rail 1 pcs

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Whiteboard Glass Series Solid spacer, with a length of 50mm, to be used with a wall or ceiling rail system.

With our spacers you can choose the distance you think looks best for your Solid Series glass whiteboard. The spacer is made out of stainless steel, so cleaning your whiteboard with liquids will not be a problem as there is no risk of rust stains. Moreover using spacers is a very elegant way of mounting your glass whiteboard to a wall.

Thanks to these spacers you are able to effortlessly attach your Solid glass whiteboard to a rail system. Usefull for when you want to be able to reposition your glassboard or if you are unable to drill holes.

The spacer has a pre-drilled hole specifically for steel cables. Attach our rail system mounting hook at the end of these steel cables in order to securely fasten your glassboard.

Please note: you only need to order these special spacers for the top spacers of your Solid Series glass whiteboard.

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Length5 cm
Warranty2 Years